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Website Update In one of Danny’s best seasons to date, table topping Birmingham Brummies earned themselves an appearance in the Sky Sports Grand Final and although it did not go quite according to plan as the Pirates overcame the Brummies on aggregate and Danny finished the season with a trip to hospital with concussion. That said, a wild-card selection in the coveted Grand Prix Challenge at Poole, an enjoyable Testimonial day when the hard work of so many people came together to celebrate Danny’s career to date, and some superb scores to end the season with a 7,46 average gave Danny a season to look back upon with pride. The meetings home and away with Peterborough were classic occasions on the team front whilst Danny posted some superb scores at Perry Barr and also at Coventry, Eastbourne and Lakeside in the latter part of the season as the Brummies pushed on for glory. A decent third place in the Leicester Freestyle Show, and a great start to the meeting in the GP Challenge promised plenty to come in season ending individual meetings. The Blue Riband at Poole, the Brandonapolis at Coventry and the Olympique at Wolverhampton were all in the racing schedule but sadly Danny wasn’t fit enough after the spectacular ending to his night in the Play-Offs. There is a long winter ahead but as soon as there is concrete news regarding Danny’s 2014 exploits we will bring it to you here on dannykingracing.co.uk. Danny’s Results at Perry Barr Lakeside 10th July Won 51-42 6+3 (2*,1,2*,1*) Eastbourne 24th July Won 48-46 7 (0,3,1,3) Wolverhampton 7th August Won 57-33 10+2 paid maximum (2*,2*,3,3) Danny King Testimonial 11th August 10 (3,1,3,3) B’ham 39, P’boro 36, Coventry 15, Wolves 13 Peterborough 21st August Won 46-44 11+3 (3,1*,2*,3,2*) Coventry 28th August Won 61-35 9+2 (2*,2*,2,3) King’s Lynn 11th September rained-off King’s Lynn 16th September Won 47-43 6 (Fx,1,2,3) Wolverhampton 30th September (Play-off Semi-Final) Won 55-38 12+1 (3,3,2,3,1*) Poole 14th October (Play-off Final) rained-off  Poole 15th October (Play-off Final) Lost 43-47 0 (Fx,Ns,Ns,Ns) Danny’s Results on the Road Peterborough 22nd July Drew 45-45 9 (3,0,3,3,0) Coventry 26th July Won 49-40 12+1 (3,3,2,3,1*) Eastbourne 29th July Lost 41-51 10+1 (2,2*,2,3,1) Lakeside 2nd August Lost 40-50 13 (3,3,3,1,3,0) Swindon 8th August Lost 42-50 5 (2,1,0,2) Wolverhampton 12th August Lost 39-51 3+1 (0,2,0,1*) Belle Vue 19th August Lost 41-49 7+1 (1*,1,1,3,1*) Poole 24th August (Grand Prix Challenge) 7 points (2,3,1,1,0) 9th overall Eastbourne 31st August Lost 44-46 13 (3,2,2,3,3) King’s Lynn 13th September rained-off Leicester Freestyle Show 14th September 10 (2,2,3,3) 3rd in the Grand Final King’s Lynn 15th September rained-off King’s Lynn 18th September Lost 40-50 8+1 (3,2,1*,2) Wolverhampton 23rd September (Play-off Semi-Final) Won 46-44 4 (0,Fx,3,1) Pardubice Czech Golden Helmet 29th September 7 (5,0,2) eliminated in group 4 qualifying heats Poole 7th October (Play-off Final) Lost 36-57 5 (2,Fx,0,3,0) In the coming weeks there will be a full review and look back at Danny’s successful Testimonial day at Perry Barr in August and also his ‘wild-card’ performance in the Grand Prix Challenge at Poole towards the end of that month.